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G Pro Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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G Pro Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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    G Pro Vaporizer

    $ 90.00

      G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

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      This is the only vape under $100 that is worth anyones time. It's portable, simple, and most importantly it actually vaporizes. Some of you may be asking yourselves why this looks so similar to other vapes like the K-Vape, Titan, Lux, etc. and thats because they are all just clones of each other. The only difference is the price and the brand behind it. Grenco Science's G Pro has a solid reputation, 1 year warranty, and is well priced.

      Whats in the box?

      • G Pro Vaporizer
      • Mouthpiece
      • Filter
      • 5x Filter Screens
      • Cleaning Brush
      • 2x Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves
      • 3x Mouthpiece Sleeves
      • Wired USB Charger
      • "G" Grinder Card


      • You're not going to find another decent convection vape at such a good price.
      • Three temperature settings
        • Red: 320°F
        • Green: 380°F
        • Blue: 420°F
      • It hits pretty hard. I'm not sure how much of it is vapor and how much is smoke but I was impressed by the puffs I was taking on the highest setting. 
      • The stainless steel chamber is pretty big actually and cleanup is pretty standard especially with the included cleaning brush. 
      • Pass-Through Charging! This means that you can charge the device with any micro-USB wire and use it at the same damn time 
      • Super pocket friendly. Very slender, can fit anywhere. 
      • All the extra "mouth sleeves" are genius and it makes me sad all vapes don't have them. Are you sick? don't want to endanger your friends with your germs? use a mouth sleeve!
      • Its really durable. I'm not sure what the material that encases the G Pro is, but it has really great grip and fits nicely in your hand. 


      • The device can get pretty hot, especially on the highest setting. Because the chamber is so close to the mouthpiece, it can get uncomfortable to put your lips on after using it for a while. If it does get too hot, the extended silicone mouthpieces that are included do a great job of solving this problem.
      • There's a slight learning curve when it comes to getting the top off. Follow the instructions.
      • The three-minute auto shut off can get kind of annoying. Apparently the shut off time is "industry standard" whatever that means.
      • The vapor quality is OK. Like I said, you get solid puffs but overall flavor and harshness when compared to its more expensive competition, like the Pax2 or Crafty, it feels just ok.


      This is a good vaporizer. Its low maintenance, super portable, and simple to use. You're just not going to find another vaporizer of this quality at a price point below $100, especially when most of its competition is selling at more than double its price.