Crafty Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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Crafty Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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Crafty Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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Crafty Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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Crafty Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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    Crafty Vaporizer

    $ 339.00

      Crafty Herbal and Waxy Vaporizer 

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      The Crafty is like the top tier of portable vaporizers, the Champion after the Elite 4, the MVP of the whole vape squad. Don't let the price scare you away! This thing is worth every penny and comes with a 2 year warranty fulfilled by Storz & Bickel (the company that makes the thing). 

      What's In the box?

      • CRAFTY Vaporizer
      • Power Adapter with USB Cable
      • Mouthpiece
      • Liquid Pad
      • 3x Normal Screens
      • Cleaning Brush
      • Filling Aid
      • Set of Spare Seal Rings
      • Storz & Bickel Grinder
      • Filling Aid
      • User Manual
      • 2 year warranty


      • The Flavor. the flavor. the flavor. I cannot stress this enough! I have never had a vaporizer capture the flavor of what is within the chamber like the Crafty does. 
      • It includes these liquid oil pads that you place within the chamber which allows the Crafty to vaporizer waxy concentrates. I was skeptical at first but these things actually work. They soak up the concentrates real well and because there is no direct heat source, you are vaporizing and not burning your wax which of course = way more flavor
      • It looks really cool. It's designed in a really interesting way that diffuses heat really well so it never gets too hot. 
      • It connects to your phone. How cool is that? It is set to 356°F when you first open the box but you can change the temperature from your phone (Android/Iphone). The app is easy to understand and shows the battery and temperature of the device. 
      • Well built. It feels really sturdy in your hand. 
      • Along with the phone app, the filling aid is another innovation i think is just great. The filling aid is basically a container for your herb in which connects directly to the Crafty for super clean and convenient packing. You can pack it in your car on your way to work, on your way home from work, on your lunch hour, etc. ;)
      • It vapes whatever is in the chamber really evenly so you never have to re mix what is in the chamber to get those last few pulls. If no vapor is coming out, you can be very certain the Crafty got it all. 
      • You can vape wax and herb at the same time. My favorite is some herb at the bottom and the liquid pad on top for the ultimate combination. 


      • Short battery life. You can get 3 maybe 4 decent sessions before it has to be recharged. It can fully recharge in about 2 hours or so. 
      • I wish it had a bigger chamber. It can hold about .2 grams of herb depending on how finely you grind it. 
      • It has an auto shut off feature. This is great if you set it down and forget to turn it off but it sucks when it turns off mid session. Turning it back on is no big deal but i've definitely muddled a few curse words after it happens.  
      • You need a phone to change the temperature. I don't mind because my phone is always next to me but it is annoying to have to check your phone to find out what the battery level is. IF this is a huge deal breaker for you or you do not have a phone, check out the Mighty Vaporizer which is basically Crafty's big older brother.


      This thing doesn't disappoint and can really only be described as a classy vaping experience. Its sleek, sophisticated, and so versatile. Totally worth it. Plus you're basically guaranteed to be the coolest guy in any vape rotation.