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Pax 2 Vaporizer - Lifted Bodega
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Pax 2 Vaporizer

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Pax 2 Herbal Vaporizer 
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"More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. A deeper oven allowing a satisfyingly consistent draw. An elegant, ergonomically redesigned mouthpiece that senses the presence of your lips. A more efficient battery, and intelligent heating and cooling systems to optimize usage. An elegant anodized aluminum surface and integrated LED indicator."
Whats in the box?
  • PAX 2 Vaporizer
  • 2x Interchangeable Top Pieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
  • Magnetic Oven Lid
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 10x Cleaner Tools
  • *Includes 10-Year Warranty Protection
The Pax 2 is a kick-ass vape for a number of reasons:
  • Its super small. fits nicely in your hand and is easily concealable with a closed fist.
  • The new mouthpieces are a huge improvement over the previous generation. While the elevated mouthpiece is nice, the flat one is just pure amazing innovation. "How do you pull from it?" is a common question to which I always respond "just sip on it".
  • The lid of the chamber has been improved. I've dropped it a few times and the lid doesn't fly off the way the original did. 
  • The motion sensing auto-shutoff is a real plus because that means the device doesn't turn off after 3 minutes like many in the industry do. 
  • HUGE BATTERY LIFE. I cannot stress this enough. For such a small device I am so impressed by how long the battery lasts. I'm easily getting an hour and a half of constant use on the mid-high setting. 
  • Just shake the device to learn the battery status!
  • 4 temperature settings -> I googled the exact temps!
    • 1st: 355°F to 390°F
    • 2nd: 390°F
    • 3rd: 420°F
    • 4th: 447°F
  • Using the device is very simple. You press on the mouthpiece to turn on the device and to change the temperature settings. Its effective and does away with the original mouthpiece that had to be removed whenever you wanted to change the temp. 
  • It hits hard. The Pax 2 definitely has the potential to blow some clouds. 
  • 10 year warranty. Pax is very serious about these warranties and the customer service you receive, no matter the issue, is always truly exceptional.
  • Just like the original, the Pax 2 needs to be maintained in order to get the most effective hits and flavor. That means cleaning the screen, inner tube, and mouthpiece regularly. This shouldn't be a deal breaker though! Once you have a routine set up when you clean your Pax 2, you'll be done in no time. 
  • It heats up. It doesn't get anywhere hot enough to burn you, but its uncomfortable to hold after a while when used on the highest setting. 
  • While the new charging dock looks very cool, I'm not a huge fan of how it connects to the Pax. The two dots on the back of the Pax 2 take away from its sleekness a bit and its hard to trust that your device is going to stay plugged in when all you did was place it on top. 
GET IT! This vape is becoming the only thing I use when i'm out and about just because of its portability. It lasts forever, its small, its sexy, what's not to love? plus you'll have it serviced for the next 10 years. 

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